1 Step back, 2 Steps forward

So my initial post on this site outlined what I was setting out to accomplish in getting my AWS SysOps certification. After having reviewed much documentation and the advice of others, I have decided to pull back just a little on that goal. My intention is to refocus my efforts on obtaining the Cloud Practitioner exam. From there I plan to move right into the Systems Architect Associate exam and then finally move onto the SysOps test.

I feel at this point this is the best strategy for me to actually ingrain the AWS technologies into my brain. As opposed to cramming the information in and passing the test. I want to be the person in the room that knows their stuff inside and out. So more to come in the following weeks on my trails to become a “cloud practitioner”. One thing is for sure, you can’t get any dumber by study more books and taking more test :).

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